14. Bangladesh — ‘Chaina Bhabish’ by Arnob

The album I picked for Bangladesh is ‘Chaina Bhabish’ by Shayan Chowdhury Arnob, better know just as Arnob. It’s his debut album, and one of the best-selling albums ever in Bangladesh.

I had never heard of him, and although it’s taken me a while to enjoy it, I’m very happy I’ve found him. The first few listens of the album left me a bit indifferent, yet I found myself going back to the album often, and at almost an hour long, there’s plenty in the album to discover.

It has a great mix of styles — there are some glimpses of hip hop, of latin jazz, folk, even religious music. At the same time, Arnob maintains quite a personal style, even with the wide array of genres featured in the album.

I’m definitely going to check out his other albums and I could see myself seeing him in concert if he ever came to the UK.




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Marçal Cuberta

Marçal Cuberta

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